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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great post

The mugwumpchronicles has a great post today on training for the arena by being out on the trail. It as interesting to see the thought process of her (I think...his?) brain.

(for some reason I can't embed the link today so here it is old-fashion style):

I'm bad about training horses on trail. However they want to travel is fine with me (because I'm ignorant probably). I teach them about footing, up and down hills, manners, how I want to them cross water (no jumping!) ect, but I don't worry about headset (happy horse = good head set right?), "lifting the back" (wouldn't know how...) etc. *sigh* There's so much to learn! I think if I live to be a 100 I'll never get it! I REALLY need to get riding lessons.


  1. Mugwump is a she, fyi. Don't worry, I thought the same as you initially! Shows how our society is still a little sexist when dealing with horse trainers, dontcha think?



  2. Yeah....What's funny is the majority of the trainers I know are women! I was in a quaundry......would a women be more insulted to be called or man or vice versa? :) I thought I remembered a post by her daughter about her "mom", so I pretty sure I was right about "her", but then I had to go and show my ingorance by putting the (). :) Hopefully if she reads my blog she'll get a kick out of it.


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