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Friday, March 13, 2009

A little Endurance humor

I thought this had posted last week, but apparently it didn't!

I found a list sure to make you laugh:

I'm sure we could all add to this list. Here's mine:

You might be an endurance rider if....

1. you swore off wearing spandex EVER, and now proudly sport it all weekend. In fancy colors AND stripes.

2. frogs are not green (and if they are you are in BIG trouble).

3. You pay more for your horses' supplement/extra feed than you do for your own monthly groceries

4. Your closet is divided up into "office/work clothes" and "barn clothes". You chose your office clothes by whether they will make good barn clothes.

5. You are obsessed with shoeing cycles ($80/shoeing every 6 weeks), hoof boots (more $$ than that) hoof care, yet agonize over an $80 pair of shoes for yourself that will last you a YEAR.

6. Winter is the only time of the year that housework gets done.

7. Won't consider going to the doctor unless an artery is literally spurtting blood all over the pavement, yet takes the horses in if they are the tiniest bit off.

8. Endurance riding is so "normal" to you that when you mention to your co-worker that you are doing a 50 mile ride, their lack of surprise is not noticable. Until, 15 minutes into the conversation you realize they thought you meant a bike ride....

9. Taking the horse out for a jog is normal (everyone says they are just like big dogs right?)

10. When you go to the vet for a lameness exam, the trot out is a chance to show off.

Enjoy! Hope you are having a fabulous day and are looking forward to the first full weekend of daylight savings time! I'm visiting my aunt's and should get plenty of miles in.

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  1. LOL ... good additions.. very true except for #6... as an innkeeper, gotta get the housework done... and then i go out... dressed like the michelin snow woman :)

    happy trails
    PS want to trade blogroll links?


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