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Friday, March 27, 2009

TKR Trifota

is Farley's registered name. While doing some searches today, I found a women who owns several of Farley's half siblings (on the Sire's side). Now, I'm not much interested in breeding, and less interested in "cold-calling" someone, however, the curiosity of where Farley came from and what her history is (with possibly baby pictures???) was I called Anita Culp (she was very nice, so here's link to her website!). She gave me the name of the breeder, which I knew from the paperwork, but haven't gotten in contact with. Anita is going to e-mail me some information/contact information (hopefully e-mail???? I hate calling people).

What I do know about Farley is that she was born in California. She was sold to a horse trainer/seller named Angel in San Jose, who had her about a year, when I purchased her in late 2007. She had one registered baby (colt) while still in possession of the breeder the year before going to Angel. I think I am her third owner (breeder, Angel, and then me).

So what do I want to know?

What the heck happened to her right hind hoof? Was it a wire? Is that why she became a broodmare? (in case I haven't mentioned it, there is a HORRENDOUS old injury to that hoof that I can only IMAGINE what it looked like when it happened. I'll get a picture of it up soon).

She's "broke" but not much training has she had anyways? (maybe I don't want to know....)

Any other information she wouldn't mind sharing - pictures of Farley, Farley's mother (her father was a fairly famous racer so there's a lot of pics around of him). Stories etc. Where is the son right now? What did he end up looking like?

And what I want to tell the breeder:

That Farley is a well-mannered, good-natured mare that has incredible athletic potential. That we are going to be completing our first 100 miler this year. That I am blown away every day with how incredibly sweet and sensitive Farley is. That a horse she bred is doing something is this world and enjoying life.

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