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Monday, March 2, 2009

Future plans

So I took a look at the websites for the 2 rides I was considering next for Farley.....and I have ruled Git-R-Done out. It's FEI and 200 dollars for a 75 mile entry! Plus I have to drive 300 miles each way. The April "Shine and Shine Only" ride is only ~100 miles away from me and is $100 for entry into a 50. I'm thinking the SASO ride is a better deal for me. By only doing a 50 in April, Farley will have a nice long time to heal up from the splint and be ready for the 3 day 50 Wild West ride at the end of May. I might lose some conditioning, but I think it will be worth it because of the healing that will take place.

Now - back to work - really!

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