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Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm going to give you a hint about life.  No matter what you do in life, no matter how much you love doing something, at some point, there will be a sort of fatigue.
 The excitement of what you once loved will escape you between the chores and the bills and the stark not-so-pretty reality that is present in any industry.
 Do you want to know the cure?  How to remember your first love?
 Today I searched #besthorseever on instagram and was greeted with pages of the "best".
 I'm not sure what I expected to find.  I think I had a vague idea of cute ponies and horses doing awesome things. 

  But that's not what I saw.  Do you know what I did notice in the pages and pages of the #besthorseever?

The love that exists between the horse and their person. Everything else in the picture is completely overshadowed by the since of partnership.
 Every single one of these pictures somehow manages to visually represent a feeling I think each one of us has when we think of our equine partner.
 Just looking through these pictures and picking out my favorites to share with you here has left me with an incredible sense of peace and happiness.
These pictures remind me of my #besthorseever who is currently waiting in her paddock for me to arrive and will greet me with nickers and whinnies today.
We all have the #besthorseever.


  1. perfect. I love my #besthorseever. He will wait for me this afternoon to take him on a walk for grass. He will raise his head as I whistle, and nicker as he watches me come to his paddock. And then stand there (not come to me). But it is what we do, and it makes me laugh. He is himself, and I'm better for it.

  2. LOVED this post!!

  3. Love this post, made my screen fuzzy

  4. It's a good thing that you have YOURbesthorsever. I certainly have mine!

  5. I think you should know that I've kept this post unread in feedly for a week now and I go click on it and look at the pics every couple of days and I smile EVERY TIME.


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