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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The first event of the year is a bit rough....

Going horse camping with my ride and tie partner (M*) and her friend (K*).

M* assured me that I was going to like K* and when K* posted on facebook this morning that she was excited to go, and while the horses were going to behave we were NOT, my response to my phone was "M* you are right, I AM going to like her!". And I finished packing with a smile on my face.

Packing. Where do I even begin....

Packing out the horse trailer on Thursday went well. I've downsized to the point that everything goes from my tack barn at the ranch, into my trailer. Since I don't use my trailer as a tack room on a daily basis anymore, it stays neater and more organized and has less little things crammed into corners.

Friday was a bit rougher.

Since moving, I've only gone backpacking. Which means my backpacking stuff has managed to filter out of boxes and various outbuildings. My base camping stuff has NOT. The game was "What do I bring and where is it?"

I have enough backpacking trips planned in the near future I feel like I'm going to get that full experience and for this trip I wanted to use a REAL stove. And sleep on a REAL air mattress. And eat REAL food that has to be like....refrigerated or something.

Remember the adage of the more you know the less you need? It's been so long since I've been base camping that I pretty much need EVERYTHING.

As you read on, keep in mind that this is a ONE night trip. With ONE horse. And I'm only feeding and clothing ME.

I decided the best strategy was to make piles of gear in whatever location it happened to be. Thus, by this morning I had a pile of gear here:

and here (yes, there is some duplicate gear in ths picture)


And here

And here..... (behind the sunbeam next to yet another outbuilding)

And here (inside the car....)

I then took my truck and drove in a huge loop around the property, loading piles of gear into the bed.
And yes, there is a kitchen sink in that pile of gear. Literally - a camping kitchen sink.
Because I know that you are asking out of concern that I might go on this trip sink-less, not because you are making fun of me or anything.
And I did find that air mattress even though it took a full 12 hours of me looking and thinking where it might be.
And since I had a migraine last night, I'll be spending the morning after I load up my horse searching out a liquor store that is both open at 9am and stocks my favorite beer since I couldn't last night.
Did I mention that I have an anethesia take home exam that was given Friday at noon to be turned in by Monday at 8am?
Let's not talk about the fact I have a Fifty mile ride in two weeks. Now THAT should be interesting.......



  1. Trade ya! (Currently camped at Dallas-Ft Worth airport, heading homeward)

    Have fun!

  2. Boy, do those piles look familiar. Last fall, we planned on camping with the horses for 10 days, across three states. Our piles looked alot like yours, only they were closer together (mostly inside the lodge) but separated by three floors! Why is it the air mattress ends up on the bottom of the last pile (thereby, usually needs 'mending')? Hope you have a great time!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  3. Ahahaha, I love this. That is absolutely a ton of gear and I'm cracking up about the sink.


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