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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Camping tips to be ignored - I

Presented in no particular to make YOUR next camping trip a success! Part 1

Tip: Get permission to use your friends' real names BEFORE the trip gets crazy.

I, oh so innocently, asked my friends as we were setting up camp whether they perferred to be "M-asterisk and K-asterisk", OR did they want the HONOR of having their REAL names used on the blog (evil laugh BAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!).

Of COURSE they agreed, not knowing that it seems that when I'm around on a trip, there's ALWAYS something to blog about.

Tip: Color crazy distracts

Want to distract someone from noticing your tack, horse, riding ability, or anything else identifying about you? Wear color. Lots of color.
May I introduce.....the 2013 tights.
When Michele told me that my metallic-highlighted-blue-white-shaded-awesome tights clashed with my patterned F.I.T.S shirt, I told her to squash her inner hunter jumper and join the kolor krazy sport called endurance!

(yes those are crocs that you see peeking out in the above picture, more on those later)

Below are my 2012 tights. Michele approved, saying that my color coordination definitely improved on the second day.
Notice the mail box that says "maps". That's me standing at the road kill cafe at the end of the second day picking up our trail maps!!!!!! Which brings me to my next point.
Tip: maps are optional
Upon arriving we discovered that none of us actually had maps of the trails or any real idea of where we were going (Michele, who had ridden these trails a long time ago, spent the trip alternating between denying all knowledge of where we were at any particular moment, and epiphanies of what trail went where.....). So, I took a picture of the map posted at the trail head with my camera, with the idea that if we got lost I could just kinda zoom in on it and magically find our way back. But really, how likely is it that the situation would present itself? We were riding animals that despite having a brain the size of a largish walnut, ALWAYS know the direction of home.
As pictured above, we did eventually get maps at the road kill cafe (but honestly, even after 2 days of riding the trails before getting the map, I looked at it and it was spactacularly unhelpful).
The menu was posted in the back corner of the road kill cafe and there were appropriate props.
It looked like a nice lunch spot.



  1. Krazy Kolors = wonderful Kamoflage

  2. Bright colors are a good idea any time you are out of the arena. If your horse comes home alone, it will make you easier to find.



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