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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CC - Dapht

Dapht is your conditioning partner's, 18 month old dog who comes along on shorter conditioning rides with you and your friend.  He's a slightly annoying 60 pound mutt who poops on the hay, doesn't always get out of the way of your horse and you have (not quite on purpose) bowled him over allowed your horse to dance on him a bit during one memorable "race to the top of the hill".

On this particular ride, you notice that he's a limping a bit.  Your friend explains that he tried to leap a ditch a couple days ago, missed and had to scramble a bit.   She's pretty sure that he just strained something and he'll be ok in a day or two. She hadn't noticed him limping before the incident, but he's a clumsy dog and so it's difficult to say for 100% that he was moving sound before the incident, he's always banged up because of something.

Because you are a vet and have fancy xray equipment, you decide to radiograph Dapht in the major joints of the hind legs after the ride.  (this is called fishing and isn't the best medicine, but you decide you can use the pics of the joints that are normal for reference films in your hospital!).

What do you see and where do you see it (which joint)?  Is this traumatic/acute or a more long term/chronic injury?

And most importantly......did YOU cause this by running over the dog with your horse?  :) (I'm in a weird mood right now, so please take this CC as a bit tongue in cheek and don't take me too seriously.  :P  Look at the radiographs and tell me what you think you see.  Answers come Friday and if you comment with your guess and are right, you could win a fabulously cheap prize!)


  1. OMG! The dog is full of bones!

    Must have eaten a chicken or something.



  2. I won't post an answer because we've talked about this case before, but this is me, reading your blog :P

  3. I won't post an answer because we've talked about this case before, but this is me, reading your blog :P

  4. Well, I'd say you have a definite case of dog there...

    I just wanted to comment that I learn so much from reading your blog!

  5. So far Bill is the winner because he's technically correct....the dog is full of bones!!!!!

    BTW - here's a hint: the stifle and foot are fine. That means that the pelvis and hip joints could possibly warrant a closer look.....

  6. The pelvis looks twisted to me but I really know nothing about these things.

  7. Right side hip displaysia/partial dislocation as the "anterior" head of the femur isn't in the cup of the joint. Possibly aggravated by a lot of exercise when growing.
    It's something I'm looking into as I'm about to adopt a rather large rottie /maybe lab cross from a shelter.


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