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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Martin got a facelift

My cousin Eleanor, budding artist extraordinaire, recently gave Martin (my walking treaddesk) a much needed face lift.

Perhaps you remember the random white board that I grabbed from one of the lumber piles on the property?  it was the right length and width.  There wasn't much beyond that when it came to my inclusion/exclusion criteria. 

Over spring break I handed it over to Eleanor with the instructions to paint it "something endurance themed". 

I got it back this week and Wow. 

 Yes, Martin has to live indoors in the winter :(
 An improvement don't you think?
 She captured Tess perfectly as she appears on our trail rides
 Eleanor managed to capture both the essence of Minx AND Farley in this horse.  It's neither of them AND both of them at once.
 Do you see the endurance trail ribbon in the tree?  I love how you can still tell that this was some random board - old nail holes, a notch from a knot in the wood near the edge. :) 


  1. That is incredible. Incredible and so beautiful.

  2. So pretty! Now I'm eyeing up my treadmill and thinking 'hmmmm...' :)

  3. Eleanore is amazing! Tess is captured perfectly :)


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