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Friday, April 12, 2013

CC - extension

No answers have been submitted for this week's CC! (Dapht).  Thus, I am extending it until tomorrow.  :). 

If no one guesses than I get to reward myself with my fabulous prize!!!!!!! 

In other can tell that it's the end of a block and I'm faced with a final, considering all the "other" projects I'm doing. 

1. Shaving ounces off my backpacking cook kit by constructing a lightweight pot and accessories

2. Constructing more elaborate toys and a "playstation"for Connor! Video is here. Made for my cousin that wanted to see more of my set up....originally uploaded video because I thought it was of the Last minute orchastra but it wasn't!!!! Oops).
3. Researching Bear Canisters
(I want this one)

4. Organizing "Last minute Orchestra" performances
(can't find the video - this is just a small selection of the wonderful people that showed up for our rendition of the 1812 orchestra).
5. Putting things on my amazon wish list.  Like stuff for my 8 day backpacking trip in the sierras.  And random bird toy ideas. 

6. Trying to decide how much money to spend on vet bills for Farley pre-Tevis as potential preventative medical care - retest Selenium levels?  Inject hocks?  (will require me to re-xray hocks)

7. Construct a hanging tomato plant out of old feed buckets that no longer match my color scheme....

8. Make survival bracelets!

9. finish Season 1 of Mentalist.  Start season 1 of "supernatural" on urging of my brother and after spending first 2 episodes watching it between my fingers and asking him to describe what was going on....not sure it's the show for me....

10. Selling misc stuff on craigs list to finance all the above projects......because as of yet I don't actually have a JOB for the summer. (Sleeping bag anyone?  Fiddle?  big horn saddle? )

Yeah.....not so much studying going on.......


  1. In THAT case, my response to the CC (Dapht) is... 37. (I figure the answer is somewhere inside the answer to "life, the universe, and everything").

    I'm feeling you on the procrastination. After all, I'm reading your blog right now instead of working. =P

  2. if no one guesses the correct answer everybody who participated will be drawn for the prize! I think that sounds fabulous!!!!!

  3. ohmygod SUPERNATURAL it's so awesome

    you will very quickly learn when to close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears, and the gore is so over the top it's not REALLY scary on the second watch-through, and OH EM GEE they're the best dysfunctional family ever~~~~

    I watched the WHOLE THING over January, February, and March. Ask me what a big fangirl I am, I dare you.

    I have a bear can you could borrow indefinitely but it's big, for horse camping not people-camping. Do you have a packmom or packsibling to take with you?

    1. Hey - so I'm warming up to's funny how some episodes totally push my buttons (mirrors are a huge trigger for me) but others are totally eh (like bugs). I have to assume that some people feel about bugs the way I feel about mirrors in the dark.

    2. I do love Supernatural. It definitely gets less scary...I still think season one is the scariest and I totally relate...I *hate* that same particular ep because it hits a long-standing trigger button for me. But the rest of the show is awesome.

    3. Claustrophobic here. There's one episode in season 2 that I probably won't ever watch again. Eeeagh.

      Also, creepy kids. OH GOD I HATE CREEPY KIDS, and they're all over the spn.

    4. I hope you enjoy them (grin) I didn't offer them to you initially because I didn't think they would be your cup of tea. Bloody Mary brought back my mirror phobia too and I refused to rewatch the one with the clown or the the cursed painting after dark ... again. Come to think of it, I think YOU were the one that gave me the mirror phobia, so there is SOME justice!

    5. PS: I lent Tristan the seasons to cultivate more fans, I do so hate being alone...

  4. Hi! I am a new reader, and absolutely love to read your entries. I can't seem to figure out how to follow with google friend connect though? I happen to also be located in central california, I have been on a lot of the trails you have reviews of....also, reading about you having watched the first season of the mentalist, I am obsessed with that show....mostly because my cousin is the producer...but still, its amazing, and not because I'm biased!

    1. Welcome!!! I do like mentalist! I'm looking forward to borrowing the second season from my sister.

  5. I don't use google connect so I'm not sure how to follow a blog. Maybe if you add me to your "circles"? Mmmm......


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