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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I wanted to stress that usually I would not ride a horse that was lame, or that I suspected was lame, but in this case, the reason I am considering continuing to lightly ride (and by "lightly" I mean walking 15-30 minutes with *possibly* some hand jogging etc.) is because the last time I dealt with this type of issue, I was told that keeping the horse lightly in work actually helps.  I'm fairly confident of the issue, but if I'm wrong, the level of activity planned should not exacerbate the problem.  :) 
(the exception to the "work lightly" plan being today, in which I plan to ask for a dressagey walk and trot to see if the issue is better or worse than yesterday as a diagnostic tool so I can let the vet know what happens when she's worked hard)

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