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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A miracle?

So....I discovered something very interesting today.

I can access my blog (and other people's blogs!) at work. After MONTHS of not being able to....magically I can again!

Maybe they figure everyone has broken the habit of wasting time?

Maybe it's a malfunction of the firewall?

Whatever it is I am NOT looking this gift horse in the mouth.


Now the question - will this make me more or less productive? And even more importantly - is this new found hole in the firewall going to last?

Ironically this comes at a time where I will be out of commission on the blog for a few days preparing for a HUGE audit. Next couple of days are scheduled posts.


  1. For this, I am MORE than pleased.
    And am also using this chance to send you your daily reminder for my guest blog :)

  2. I have a feeling you are just going to annoy me to death until I send it.

  3. how perceptive of you
    and just think of all the different mediums I have at my disposal!


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