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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The small things part 2

Totally OCDing about this. 
Starting thinking about something else - this horse has ALWAYS travelled really "strung" out with her hind legs - during the trot and canter her hinds are in the next county over.  She's travelled her entire life like that (at least since I've had her). 
Also, She's ALWAYS been more comfortable going down hill at a trot - has never wanted to walk down hills.  And when she trots down hills, she's not tucking her butt much so maybe trotting was a way of avoiding a lot of weight on her hindquarters?
AND she's never been entirely enthused about charging up hills unless she has a LOT of motivation (again, requires a lot of engaging of the hindquarters). 
AND the fact she never really engaged her hindquarters was obvious from the lack of muscling and condition in her hindquarters......Since starting dressage she's really put on muscle there so it's obvious she was NOT using her hindquarters until then.  It's been 6 months since starting dressage.  The first episode of weirdness started about 3-4 months into the dressage work.....
So it got me thinking....
I wonder how much of her "normal" (strung out) stride is because of an ongoing issue, which is only now being aggrevated because I'm asking her to move more correctly on a regular basis?  I did not get her vetted when I bought her for a myriad of reasons so I have no idea what preexisting issues there are.
So IF it IS hock problems and IF hock injections are recommended and IF they work.....'s going to be very interesting to see if her "normal" movement changes!
OK - now I'm totally excited about the fact that on Monday I may be able to make Farley COMFORTABLE if she has been experiencing low-grade pain over the last months/years!  Kind of like when I had her teeth done for the first time.  They needed to be done so bad and I was excited because I KNEW she was going to be so much more comfortable and would be able to enjoy life to the fullest. 
So if she has been hurting all this time, how exciting that she's going to get RELIEF!!!!!  :)

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