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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Minx's anniversary is tomorrow....

....and I'm trying to decide a suitable way of paying my respects.


A: Sob at inoppertune times so that everyone around you views you as a maniac until you make up some suitable excuse (my contacts.....cutting onions.....)

B: Light a candle and read Walter Farley's "The Black Stallion's Filly" (for whom she was named).....and probably cry (the book made me cry BEFORE she died)

C: Pretend it's just any other day and then at some awkward time, become so overwelmed with emotion......and cry

D: Ride my lame horse (I'm kidding). Really a shame as a nice little trail ride this weekend probably would have done me good - but riding is OUT until I here the vet's verdict.

E: Obsessively talk about Minx. After all, everyone thinks you are a weirdo anyways - you cry over a horse.

My decision: any of the options leave out the crying part? I really hate that. I really want a non-crying option.


Really, I'm do OK. It's just been tough dealing with Farley's unknown "thing", and I put in a very long day at work today after very little sleep. A recipie for disaster. AND I'm almost out of my Guinness Beer Bread. Tragedy.


  1. And did I mention it's raining again?

  2. Hey Mel, we're all horse folks here. We'll cry with you, laugh with you, drink with you, and revel in The Memory Of Minx with you. It's horse folks. When we have a bond, we have a BOND, and there is no shaking that.

    I'm not going to tell you don't cry- we know that won't happen. But I am going to make sure you DO remember all she taught you, and all the joy you shared. As long as she is there in your heart with you, you will never be with out her.

    Raising my glass (of sweet tea at the moment-- kinda early for me to hit any sauce,) to you, and to Minx. May the sun shine, the road be firm beneath her hooves, and the miles happy for you both.

  3. It's good that you are remembering her. Go ahead and cry. Someday it won't be so painful and you'll remember the good times.

  4. It is okay to have a good cry for your Minx. I get tears almost everytime I think of my Puddin' Girl.



  5. Oh my, I can still tear up over a mare I lost in 1984-
    Would it help to plan something specific to do in her memory?
    Hang in there, the special ones deserve to not be forgotten, even though it is painful to us.
    Karen W.

  6. Hey Mel,
    I am so sorry that it is such a crappy anniversary today. You did leave out the option of compulsive shopping. Nothing like spending money and buying stuff to try and fill that big void.Seriously though, today is going to suck. I don't think that there is anything in the world that can make it suck less. I think letting yourself cry will help though. Big Hugs!

  7. Actually the Whole farley thing has done a good job at distracting me. I'm so practical that finding something to do is hard. I don't like knicknacks, can't plant a tree (because I live in an apartment etc ). I think what i should do is dedicate a page in my endurance scrap book and print some of my electronic pics for it. That wilould me nice.

    24 hours until u find out what's wrong with farley!

  8. Wait what? I take a couple days off and all this bad shit happens to you?! I'm so sorry! ((hugs))


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