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Monday, April 5, 2010

Buck Meadows

I have officially made the decision that I knew I would be making since last week....
I am not going to Buck Meadows.
  • A bad feeling in my gut for doing it so close to her first set of hock injections
  • A not so good feeling as I looked up withdrawal times for the various drugs she's had injected into her
  • AND (this was the clincher) forecasts of snow flurries.
I don't own chains.  I've never driven in the snow.  Driving up a winding mounting high way with a horse trailer is not a good time to learn.
Time to wuss out.
Sure, I forfeit the $90 entry fee.  But, chains OR a tow bill OR a broken horse OR a positive drug test would all cost more. looks like I'm headed to face down my nemesis - American River - at the end of this month. 
Sooooo.....I have a question for my dear BB's -
What distance?  50 or 75 miles? 
For you penny savvy folks:
For you lazy folks:
75=5:30am start
50=6:30am start
And for everyone else:
# of weeks AFTER 20MT 100:  8 weeks
# of weeks BEFORE the 155 mile 3 day Wild West Ride:  5 weeks
I have a dressage show May 9th, so maybe better to do the 50 so I can start schooling again on May 3?  (one week is a bit soon after a 75 I think....)
I'm definately looking for opinions here.  Please post in the comments!!!!!!!


  1. Just my opinion, and your milage may vary, of course, but I always think that if you're AT ALL concerned about some aspect of the ride (like for example, it's your nemesis!) it's better to fly low under radar and do the shorter distance.

    That way, maybe your nemesis won't getcha.

  2. As your designated Lazy BB, I vote 50. Also, what AareneX said sure sounds intelligent.

  3. Are you voluntarily letting them keep your entry fee?

    It's a good idea to wait (I think) and see how the injection works.
    And give the drugs more time to clear the system.

    You were smart going to a vet that specializes in what you needed. It's expensive but better for your horse.

    You need a section for conservative people. Having an "iffy" horse would probably get me to do the 50 versus the 75. I'd like to know my horse could come through the 50 in good shape before proceeding up to a higher distance (or more days).

    Good luck!

  4. Do the 50 and ride with me! Or at least we can hang out before the ride :) I was debating the 50 or 75, but i opted for the 50. I'd rather play it safe for the three days and not tire her out or risk anything with a higher mileage on a tough trail like Am River...

  5. My only milage opinion is that if you think that it would be too soon to do a show after a 75 miler it probably is.

  6. Disclaimer! Non-Horsey Person Speaking!

    You put enough things on your calendar to prove, challenge, discover, and push both you and your horse. No need to do that here. Do the 50, feel in control, have fun.


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