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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures of....

Now I'm know the first thing you (oh so sympathetic), dear BB's are going to say upon reading my chipmunk post is.......

We Want Pictures!!!!

Ok - I'm going to pretend that the interest comes from a deep seated need to see in order to fully sympathize.

Yep....just keep nodding those heads. Like you really care.....
You ready?
Take a furry little rodent:

Now add to the cheeks and chin the consitency of this:
(Bonus points if you can visualize the jiggling of such flesh as I walk....)

And lastly, in the jaw region....add a bit of this. Oozing. All the time in great big drips. I can literally feel the new areas of skin bursting open and adding their trail of tears to the waterfall.
(Nope, this isn't a picture of my skin, but it's a damn close resemblance).

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  1. um no, too visual for me... I pretty much had it imagined in the first place.



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