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Monday, April 6, 2009

Farley's history part 2

The information below was taken from the breeders e-mail to me: see part 1 for the beginning.

Farley has a lot of experience. There's no fooling me now! The breeder leased her out for racing, where she traveled the fair circuit for many months. She was trailered, hot walkered, cross tied, and ridden by numerous riders.

The breeder said that she is found of her pedigree/family. They are honest, hard working & sensible. They don't stress out, yet give 100% when the time comes. I have found that this is very true with Farley at least. Her "aunt" mira-finesse looks a lot like her went on to run tb times, race against colts & win (very unusual). Mira-finesse went u.s. top 5 (darley nominee) 4 yr old mare.

Farley's sire is getting old. The breeder is looking for a pic to send me. He is a sweetheart & loved by many. The sire is a black bay with a huge trot (family characteristic). Farley definately inherited that HUGE family trot. Farley's mom (whom i purchased)was sort of a orphan. during birth there was complications that trashed the dam (fortana polish import). The mare (Farley's mom) was saved yet due to adominal trauma could not nurse. She did get collustrum, yet was bottle fed & kept in the house. The breeder can't quite remember, but recalls she was premature. (I think at this point we are still talking about Farley's dam). Farley's mom was a light bay, small & a bit course (I'm assuming she meant "coarse in looks"). The dam looked like a welsh pony.

The dam was bred twice there. Farley's full brother was sold to the Sacramento area for endurance. He was a pretty bay with four white anklettes, star & strip. The breeder never heard how he did & never found anything online. I did some checking around and couldn't find anyone either. It's very possible he's competing under a nickname. The brother's registered name was TKR Fortissimo . He would have been a year older than Farley.

There is also a 1/2 sibling (by the mare) mare by an egyptian/crabbet stud that was small, pretty & well built that cleaned house in gymkanna with a girl in the oakdale area. The breeder isn't sure what became of her. Her name may be TKR kiss me quick.

Farley was orignally sold to Bing Voight who said he/they were long time endurance riders/competitors. It sounds like the breeder sold with the colt. On the AHA website the colt is registered under the same breeders name, however the colt sold with Farley. He would be about 4 years old now. They wanted Farley for endurance. The breeder called Farley "Muffin" (no idea why) & and she thinks that the Voight's call her"sugar". To add a name to this list, the person I bought her from called her the spanish name for star "estella?" (not sure how to spell it and I have a hard time purnouncing it.

So it looks like Farley was destined to be an endurance horse. It's nice to know that other people saw what I did. The information above also explains why she caught on to the idea of "racing" so quick.....LOL she was a RACEHORSE. So I guess I now have 2 ex-racehorses.....(I originally wrote this before Minx's death, so now that I'm editing and updating this should probably read "I guess I STILL have a ex-racehorse...." I am planning on contacting Bing. I looked him up in the AERC membership directory and he is still active in AERC.

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