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Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1 continued

I was so excited about my wonderful trail ride Saturday, I forgot about part 1 of the weekend! I went with my Dad to a tack swap. I LOVE tack swaps. I didn't have any cash with me, so Mom lent me $25 and off I went. For $25 here's my loot:

Cooler (almost brand new) - $10
Really nice half cheek snaffle (you can just feel quality when you pick up a bit) to continue my obsessive bit collecting - $5
Half chaps - $5
2 pairs of riding tights, blue and purple - $2
gold, synthetic english breast collar - $3

I already have half chaps, and the half chaps I bought here I didn't like as well, but they fit so I bought them for back ups (they were almost brand new! I couldn't just leave them sitting there). They also fit my sister.......who REALLY wanted I offered them to her at the deal of $10. :) Hey, cheaper than new! My parents threw a fit and told me absolutely not, so I sheepishly gave them to her for $5. I was not joking around. I totally was going to sell them to her for $10. On the other hand, my sister is my seamstress and repairs/mends ALL of my horsey related stuff and clothing, so she does deserve a break now and then.

After the ride I went with a walk with my mom and her dog and we bought Easter candy. After delicious dinner we sat around and watched "Ghost Rider". Why is this all important? This day and night was the 1 week anniversary of Minx's death. I had such a wonderful day spending it with my family and Farley, that fact did not even occur to me until the next day!

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