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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"A Goat Birthday" and "Why the Pony didn't get Pampered"

So instead of Monday being "pamper the pony" day (as promised in the previous post), it turned into "play with the puppy" day.

Jonah below, sulking because he feels that he substitutes well enough for a puppy. "I'm 15+ pounds! I stare at you and must be touching you at all times....what else do I have to do get to get any attention around here!" Jonah likes being around people which is why he does not take lightly my decision to spend almost every weekend away from home. That I would spend a day away from home during the work week was the ultimate insult.

Matt's puppy, Harley, is getting very big. It is very hard it is to take picture of a puppy.

Seriously. Can you hold still for one picture?

Ahh...finally a semi decent one. Is there anything more perfect than a man and his dog (besides a women and her horse)?

Tuesday I did go out to the stable. It was MUGGY. I ran 4.5 miles with Farley and neither of us really felt like an extended pampering afterwards. I'm really starting to bond with Farley. I never tie her up, I take her with me everywhere at the stable, doing the much-needed tasks here and there with her "tagging" along. If there's grass she eats while waiting, if not she just waits. Even when I use the porta-potty she hangs out at the door. Very useful skill if I ever compete in the cavalry division in an endurance ride! (can't use any outside assistance, including someone else holding your horse while you pee. Must only use what you can pack on your saddle).

Above is a picture of the stable, in the evening. Farley is WAY in the back corner. You can't see it from this picture. I like it back there because I feel like there is less stress from the "happenings" of the stable, and less exposure to other horses/people from a disease stand point. On the downside, if something is wrong, it won't be noticed as soon.
I heard that the boarding stable is up for sale. One more reason not to get another horse right now. It's easier to deal with moving one horse than multiples. I'm not sure where I would go if I wasn't happy with new management. This is what I require: as large an enclosure as possible, grass hay 24 hours day, up to one small flake of alfalfa a day, ability to get my horses off the property early and late, trailer parking, able to ride a couple of miles (not in an arena) from the property. This stable, while not fulfilling all the parameters, was the best compromise in the area.

I was invited to a goat birthday party.
Here are the lucky recipients!

Last year this beautiful guy knocked down a little kid an effort to get more cupcakes. I was ready with the camera!

Do you want a cupcake?

Pleeeesse do you want a delicious cupcake?

Oh well. Stick it in the grain pan and maybe they'll get around to eating it.

The cupcakes were DELICIOUS. Applesauce with some sort of brown sugar icing. Yum yum.


  1. I am poking around in your archives to see if you detail this anywhere, but just in case I'll ask in comments. Can you talk more about how you run with Farley? What kind of shoes work well for running and riding? (Please say Ariat Terrains.) Do you just tack her up, clip on a lead, and go jogging off into the distance?

    I think in about a month I'll be able to run Dixie about 3 miles down the roads to a park, then mount up and ride around there, then run (hahaha I mean walk) back. Looking for more info about this kind of endeavor!

  2. oi...."man with dog" photo is soooo sweet. In the second one, the puppy looks like a kangaroo. Jonah's getting so big!! I haven't seen him in ages..

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