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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Poem

My cousin e-mailed me this today. Karla happened to be spending the weekend with me, and literally and figuratively held my hand last night. I tend to push people away in these kinds of situations and I would have NEVER asked for help. Good thing she didn't ask! I don't have any further information right now. I only want to have to post about the incident once, so I'm waiting for results of the necropsy.

I'm doing "OK" today. Last night I was crying because she was gone. Today I'm crying because I miss her.

Farewell- In Loving Memory of Minx

Made specially for Melinda by Karla Thompson

To my rider and partner

Of many years to tell

My time has come a bit too soon

So here is my last farewell

It’s barely been a week

Since our last ride together

It was a day to really cherish

Being so close to one another

But lately I haven’t been

Feeling too well

I’m tired; I stumble,

I’m sure you can tell

I felt so exhausted

So weary and weak

Yet I always perk right up

The moment I hear you speak

Every bad tendon and

Any moment I was in pain

You never failed to be at my side

Time and time again

You worked so hard

And I tried to stay tough

I was amazed to realize

That someone loved me that much

It was painful to see you

Out the bars of that vet stall

With tears in your eyes

Beginning to fall

I ask you not to worry

Since no longer do I hurt

And its fun to go galloping

On clouds instead of dirt

It was for the best

I know that and you do too

And I can’t wait to see

How a pair of wings look on you

I hope it won’t be long

Till we get the chance to ride again

I’ll be waiting for you up in heaven

My only rider and friend


  1. Oh.....sending a tearful hug across the miles. I'm so very sorry. ~E.G.

  2. So sorry for your loss! I have yet to lose a horse but I lost my beloved dog Aslan a little less than a year ago (and my mother two months prior to that). When we love, we miss, and we cry. It would not be love if it didn't hurt. Sending you the biggest hug!!


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