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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pure Joy

I have started running with Farley in the evenings. Most week day evenings I'm trading boots, half chaps, and riding gloves for my Saucony's, Timex Ironman watch, and an ipod. On the canal bank, Farley matches me stride for stride as we walk and run along. Yesterday we did 4.5 miles. On the way home she pushes me, never pulling, but always encouraging me to run negative splits on the way home a little faster today. Sometimes I drop back next to her flank and watch her stride along, even and perfect. Sometimes we meet other runners, running with their more conventional pets. Do they feel the same joy?

After our run I pull out an apple. I never used to eat very many apples because I'm never hungry for a whole one and I don't want to waste it. I'm a banana person. But now I have a partner who is willing to share an apple. I take a bite. She takes a bit. I take another bite. Back and forth until apple juice runs from her muzzle and my hands. She's not pushy, just there, waiting her turn.

Yesterday during the apple sharing ritual, I realized that this was an activity that was only between Farley and I and that it made me happy (Minx and I never ran together and she couldn't care less about apples and carrots). And the healing process goes on. I'm rediscovering activities I used to do when I only had one horse. Like running, relaxing, and spending time grooming without feeling guilty that there was another horse, waiting to be ridden.

I'm going shoe shopping with my mom tonight. She's going to buy a pair of good running shoes (her first?). I'm going to pick up a pair of trail runners. My Saucony Triumphs do not cut it on the trails, and running in my Ariat Terrains during weekend trail rides is giving me blisters.

I received my knife I ordered from Cabelas's the other day. A Kershaw rainbow leek. It's gorgeous. It's suppose to replace the Kershaw knife that Matt bought me for my 21st birthday. It was perfect in every way. Except now I can't find it. It has dropped off the face of the earth. In the three weeks that I was "knife-less", it seemed I needed a knife every 5 minutes. Now that I finally have a new knife, I haven't had to cut anything for DAYS. Except my thumb. The only thing I've used my new knife for is to slice off the side of my thumb. In the first 5 minutes of ownership.


  1. woot woot.. i'm /was an ultrarunner... hit the trails... and while i've had my share of running buds... nothing like running with Manker (aka the B&B dog)
    happy joyful trails

  2. I don't know what I'd do without my trail runners! Not a hug running person, but when I do need to get off and walk or some jogging, I'm grateful for them. My Terrains have no grip, so more often than not, I wound up skidding to a heap in front of the pony...*great* safety practice, that. My faves are my Vasque trail runners -- a lot of support and tread, super comfortable in the saddle.

  3. I did try doing a 50 miler in my Saucony road shoes, but they just didn't have a stiff enough last and I ended up with sore arches. I'm hoping that a trail shoe has a stiffer last and I'll be able to ride in them and run comfortably. Not to mention I'm tired of picking rocks out of my "hooves"! (The Saucony's deep heel groove on the bottom that rocks love to find their way into).

    I think my ariats will be become my "Barn" shoes and I'll school in them, but hopefully the trail runners will work out for trail work.

  4. I've never fallen with my ariats (yet...) but I know lots of people that say exactly what you do! What that probably means is that I don't get off enough. *sigh*. I promise to be better this year!

  5. I know what you mean about rediscovering your horse. I had a really blissful day with Dixie today.

    Champ really preferred generic Milk Bones, the cheap multi-colored dog biscuits. :-/ But Dixie loves my homemade oatmeal molasses treats, and peppermints, and apples! I keep meaning to bring a banana to share with her. Lots of horses like bananas, and I love feeding a new treat to a horse and watching her toss her head with the "What is in my MOUTH!" expression.

  6. The Vasques have a fantastic last and arch support. I've got high archs, so I need a lot of foot support.

  7. Fffft, I knew I'd seen you mention Ariat Terrains before. Sigh. I love my Terrains! I jogged in them today and... they rubbed my heel.


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