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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss trimming feet

Yep - I miss being able to pull out my rasp and do some touchups anytime I get the hankering.....Why don't I just pull the shoes off Farley immediately and get started?

1. Well, I have a ride scheduled for 5/24/09. The soonest I could pull the shoes would be ~3-4 weeks before the event. In my opinion that is not enough time to transition her to boots and fix any issues that come up. She's competed successfully in shoes since October, still has good heel-first landings, so keeping them on another 8 weeks will probably be fine.

2. Why not just skip this ride? I've been looking forward to this ride all year. It's the Wild West ride put on by the Ribley's. This ride is the highlight of my year, and this will be the 3rd time I've done it. This was also the last successful ride that Minx went to last year. It's really important to me that I start this ride

3. I'm still feel "unstable" about Minx's death. With each thing I do I'm healing more, but I definitely have to "push" myself to take the next step. The first time going to the stable was difficult. The first time mounting up and taking a trail ride wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but it was definitely a time of reflection. My first endurance ride back with Farley is probably going to be difficult, especially if it's a ride that I used to take Minx to (like Wild West). I have a feeling that the first time I pick up my rasp and hoof stand to work on Farley, it will be another big step. Rasping and hoof care was something that Minx and I did together, Farley wasn't involved.

4. I have a harder time seeing the right angles in Farley's hooves. Minx's Hooves just seemed "right" to me.

But I really want to start tinkering again! And using my really cool renegade boots that are just sitting in a pokeman pillow case!

With all due respect to the rest of you "maniacs" (and I use the term in the most endearing way possible), I'm turning into one - hackamore last weekend, hoof boots in my trailer.....AHHHHH!!!!! How long until I'm in a treeless saddle! :) (although those cheyenne barefoots and torsions sure look intriguing...)

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  1. I so know what you mean, especially about trimming. I *trimmed* Champ; Dixie and I always fought and I agonized over her weird looking feet and worried she'd step on the camera, etc.

    I let the barn's farrier trim Dixie, and he did a pretty good job. I'll probably keep using him, unless I think her feet are changing for the worse. That reminds me, though, I need to take some good reference pictures. Unless she steps on the camera.


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