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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend activities Non-horsey post

A busy busy weekend, but for once I was home instead of travelling.

I'll get to the trail ride eventually, so hang on.....but I have to go in the order of events or something will get forgotten!

Activity #1: Running Store Adventure
Mom and I went to the non-chain running store to try and pick up some shoes Friday afternoon. They didn't have any trail shoes for me, and didn't have the right size for Mom, so neither of us got shoes. I did find out that I can wear a men's Mizuno. I loved my Mizuno's, but the women's shoes are too narrow. The men's is about the meantime I have been running in Saucony's where I have had ZERO (that's right ZERO) running related injuries since switching to that brand. So that's the a pair of trail Saucony's (tried and tested) or trail Mizunos (I LOVE the feel of the shoe). I'm thinking Saucony's would be a better trail shoe (more cushion) and the Mizunos would be a better road shoe (light weight, feel of the road). I'm due for road shoes in September/October. I've found that replacing shoes is a lot less expensive than treating running related injuries due to wornout shoes, or a gym membership!

Activity #2 Bluegrass Campout
Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning I spent at the fair grounds hanging out with Mom and my grandparents. Saturday night I pulled out the fiddle and joined an oldtime/fiddle jam with Mom and friends. I had an EXCELLENT night and played for about three hours before calling it quits. Having a good night on the fiddle is as fulfilling as a good ride or run. It can take me a couple of hours to come "down" off of a good jam session. I am NOT used to staying up late any more and my midnight I was DONE. Usually it's not an issue because I camp out at the venue, but at this campout I live 2 miles away and the attraction of my own bed meant I needed to stay sane enough to drive home. I had a BLAST and can't wait until the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival in Grassvalley.

Mom is currently playing my german copy fiddle that is my "3rd" fiddle. I convinced her to take home my "2nd" fiddle - a Stainer copy that I have affectionately nicknamed "Betsy". It's a great little fiddle with a big sound. I don't play her at all because my 1st fiddle is so versatile. Mom is ready to move up to a better fiddle whether she knows it or not. Mom would only take her after I told her I hadn't played her for a year or more - sad but true. I'd rather have her played than have her be safe in a case. Plus Mom needs to play as many different fiddles as possible so she'll know what she wants when she gets her own.

Activity #3 FPGBB performance at San Ramon

The Fort Point band headed to San Ramon to perform at a cute little reenactment. It was low key and a lot of fun. Here's a couple of pictures of the venue. The event had a large turnout considering the size of the venue and the number of reenactors.

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