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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loose Ends

Another "Loose Ends" post. I have a couple of great posts coming up:

1. The long-promised Artillery tack overview
2. After action report of the Mariposa Civil War Reenactment
3. Horse night vision

Work is very busy right now, which doesn't leave me a lot of blogging time. So meanwhile, here's some updates and some ideas to explore.

In addition to my running and twice weekly pilates, I've decided to take the 100 pushup challenge. There's also a sit up and squat program.

More Death
Oliver died yesterday. Oliver's picture is in this post here. He was the sweetest rat I've ever had, very people oriented. Anyone want a fat little butterball named "Houdini"? Houdini is the remaining rat I have. I don't spend enough time with my rats any more and since he's alone, he really should have a human that spends time with him. He's not as social as Oliver was and is only alive right now because: a)I'm a kind person and turning him loose means a feral cat would eat him b)He took good care of Oliver.

Arena Work
Farley and I are cantering in the arena. This is HUGE! I have a fear of going fast in the arena. I mostly walk/trot. I have visions of slamming into the arena fence, getting stuck in the fence etc. I have no problems cantering/galloping on the trail. On Friday Farley bucked for 30 minutes when I asked for a canter. I've decided she's gaited. One of her gaits is the "buck". It's so smooth and covers ground. Once I got a nice canter in each direction I stopped for the day. Yesterday we tried again, and she didn't buck once. I'm finding out it's REALLY important to her that I stay off her mouth, don't weight her forehand, AND keep my weight centered. Only then will she give me a nice canter. Farley is teaching me well! Farley isn't built to canter and it's more difficult gait than the trot for her. I'm finding out that with arabs (or at least Farley), trust is a TWO way street. I MUST trust her for her to trust me. That means giving her a totally loose rein at a canter right now and trusting her not to pull a fast one. With the Standardbred (Minx) she trusted me even though I wasn't returning the trust.

Saddle Fit
I noticed yesterday that there seems to be pressure at the back of the saddle (hair shedding more there and a bigger sweat spot). I haven't had any issues yet. I'll keep an eye on it. It may be time to have the saddle flocking adjusted or re-flocked. Does anyone know of any good flockers in the central valley, CA?

I saved the best for last. Karen posted some excellent information on worming yesterday. Based on her information I am modifying my worming program. Currently my worming protocol is (I may have the spellings wrong, but I'm close):

Before Fly season: 1 dose of pyrantel pamoate
Mid fly season: 1 dose of ivermectin
after first freeze: 1 dose of ivermectin

My horses (oops "horse") lives on a dry paddock, which I pick up manure in ~2x week. She *should* have a fairly low worm load and I shouldn't have to treat as aggressively (per my vet). Looking at my current program I might not be taking care of encysted strongyles and tape worms. Here is the program I am going to switch to:

Spring: 2x dose of pyrantel pamoate for 2 days
Summer: 1 dose ivermectin
Fall: 2x dose of fenbendazole for 5 days
Winter: 1 dose ivermectin

I'm seeing my vet mid-May for a leg ultrasound, coggins (might take Farley to the Virginia City 100!), and West Nile. I'll ask about the worming program then.


  1. Hmmm, not a whole lot to comment on, EXCEPT, why are you getting leg ultrasounds for Farely? Just wondering, I have had my own fair share of ultrasounds and x-rays to last waaayyy to long!

    Arena work is always good to help any horse, since I used to do eventing its not a biggy for me to work in an arena at all, except of course that I have to trailer there!

  2. In November 2007 Farley bowed a tendon due to interference from a back hoof in a semi controlled runaway. She's been doing fine, but was slightly lame in that leg after our 65 in February. I had it ultrasounded again to make sure it hadn't rebowed. There were 2 dark pockets in the old bow - very slight, but there. I backed off her work for ~1 month and then brought her back up to normal work. The vet wanted to see it again before I did my next ride, which is mid-May. Since she's my endurance horse I feel strongly about taking the best care I can of that tendon, especially becuase the vet feels that she is continuing to heal!

  3. Ah! that makes perfect sence! I'm glad she is healing well and hopefully the ultrasounds will be all good!


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