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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Melinda!

Bad Melinda Bad Melinda Bad Melinda!......

But he's free.....

Isn't he cute?

I have 2 pics of him under saddle, but they are in a word doc and I can't post them here. He looks less bulky under saddle. He's being ridden in "a frame", but isn't being asked to go long and low.

So what's the deal? He's a purebred Arab gelding that looking for a new home. Originally broke at 3, was ridden ~1 year and was too much for the 8 year old beginner he was bought forward 6 years. He's now 9, has sat for most of that time, but has been ridden a little. A D2 or D3 pony club girl has been riding him ~1 week for lessons. Mostly dressage but has been started over cross rails. My thoughts? Arabs mature late and at 9 years old he's probably just now ready for a job. From talking with the lady, he's green but not mean. Would probably be a wonderful horse with consistant work. Been ridden 1x on the trail....with a "group" of horses....spooked at a passing car.....

So what are my thoughts?

1. This is way too soon after Minx. On the other hand, I need to stay busy. This horse would definitely be completely different....

2. Send him off to my favorite training for 30-60 days if I get him. He's free and I could afford to send him off for a while. Bonus: more time to work with Farley and get to know him.

3. I've never had a gelding. How do you do a sheath cleaning?

4. Am I destined to always have a problem horse

5. They say he's 15hands. I really hope he's not as big as he looks in the pictures....

6. I'm at least equivalent to a pony club D rider right?

7. I've never had a horse that would do anything in the arena. That would be fun.

8. I wish he was traffic broke. Or had been on the track. Or something. Maybe he showed as a youngster? I'm so spoiled by only having track horses. They are so blase about a lot of things.

9. I like his feet. His shoulder is a little upright. Nice pasterns. Since he hasn't been ridden much, no problem with over-use injuries. (the owner says that DEFINATELY won't be an issue LOL) He's on pasture so probably not totally insane. Nice butt (you can see it better in the pics of him under saddle.

10. I like the fact this horse is COMPLETELY different from both Minx and Farley. I like that he's free. I like the fact I could take lessons on this horse (Minx was impossible and Farley is "interesting"). He's schooled up to 2' 6" in cross country. This means he knows how to PICK UP HIS FEET TO GO OVER THE JUMP. Farley? are you listening? The "I'll close my eyes and continue trotting..." method is not the perferred one! Both fronts have to come off the ground! 2'6" is as high as I need to jump to compete at the advanced level in the cavarly competitions.

11. Anyone else have an opinion?


  1. I don't think it's too soon after Minx, as he cannot take her place, only create his own next to her.

  2. He's really cute! Totally different is a huge plus, too. And it sounds like you can have some fun with him - teaching him about the Scary Outdoors and jumping too!

  3. I like him! He's attractive but looks like he could move down the trail too. I scored a similar horse back in February (paid $900) and have in 60 days of training with my friend, a dressage/event rider. He's doing wonderful and outshines my expectations every ride. I hope you have the same luck!


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